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Kazi Farhan Masum

SEO Consultant and CRO Expert

Excel in strategic, operational and hands-on roles, melding broad creative background with business savvy and talent for strategic thinking. Proven expertise developing engaging, authoritative product messaging that leverages unique selling points to sets new products apart from the competition. Exceptional technical capabilities in the skilled use of diverse SEO tools to boost site rankings.

Kazi Farhan Masum | SEO Consultant | Marketing Strategist
Kazi Masum - SEO Achievement

About Me

I am a marketing and SEO professional based in Calgary, Alberta. My expertise in digital marketing covers a number of areas, including SEO, competitor gap analysis, digital marketing automation, PPC campaign management and Conversion rate Optimization and more.

I have experience in both strategic and operational roles and a solid background in business strategy and creative problem-solving.

At The Urban Writers and Puppetbrush, I served as the SEO Lead and President, respectively. I have succeeded in increasing website traffic and conversion rates while serving in these roles, where he has been in charge of overseeing and managing a variety of marketing campaigns and initiatives.

I have experience in managing multiple projects and clients at the same time and staying on top of them. Not to boast, but I do thrive under pressure.

I have experience training several employees and freelancers in SEO, Content writing, keyword research, and also how to read heatmaps and optimize for conversions.


About Me

My Areas of Expertise

Conversion Rate Optimization

With a Bachelors in Design, I understand how human psychology works and how design and help websites increase conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

I have over 6 years of experience in SEO and have driven many SEO campaigns which has excelled against all odds!

PPC Campaign Management

As s Google partner I am experienced in spending more than $75k in monthly ad spend and consistently got almost 4x the return!


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